Presbytery Updates

At the November 19 meeting of the Presbytery, the 2023 Per Capita Apportionment was approved. The total, including the GA, Synod, and Presbytery portions, will be $35.95 per person.

A table showing the total amount due for each congregation can be found online here in the Document Center. A hard copy is also being mailed to each Clerk of Session this week.

If you are interested in learning more about the rationale and history of Per Capita, visit this page at the Office of the General Assembly. You may be surprised to learn just how far back the practice of per capita dates!

Part of the definition of per capita from the link above is that it is the “opportunity for all communicant members of the Presbyterian church…to participate equally, responsibly, and interdependently by sharing the cost of coordination…” At the Presbytery level, per capita helps pay for staff compensation, office rental / supplies / equipment, the annual audit, legal advice (as needed for situations outside the expertise of our Stated Clerk), and the work of Committee on Ministry, Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Planning & Visioning, Coordinating Cabinet, and the Anti-Racism Committee.

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