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"Transforming and Strengthening
Congregations to be
Missional, Pastoral, and Prophetic"

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Presbytery Meetings


June 16, 2020

Call to the Presbytery Meeting via ZOOM Conferencing
Action Papers - Requires Vote
Paper A-1 Docket

Paper B-1 Stated Clerks Report

Paper B-2 Minutes of the January 28 2020 Meeting

Paper B-3 Ordination-Installation Commission Report

Paper B-4 Equalization of Elders

Paper B-5 Omnibus Motion

Paper D-1 Coordinating Cabinet Report

Paper D-2 Treasurer Job Describtion

Paper F-1 Nominations Report

Paper N-1 COM Report on Recommendation

Paper N-2 COM Report

Paper O-1 CPM Report

Paper Q-1 Social Justice Report

Information Papers - No Vote
Paper C Treasurer's Report 200616

Paper H Trustee's Report 200616

Paper Ha Trustee's Sources of Income 200616

Matthew 25 Part 1 Prophetic Call June 18 via zoom

Short cuts for Zoom Meeting

Special Rules--Virtual Presbytery Meeting