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"Transforming and Strengthening
Congregations to be
Missional, Pastoral, and Prophetic"

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Presbytery Meetings


January 28, 2020

Presbytery Convenes at St. Clair Shores, Lake Shore
Pre-Presbytery Meeting(s)

Town Hall Meeting (Chapel)
[The Transitional Executive Presbyter Search Team Townhall Meeting:
What kind of characteristics would you hope for in a Transitional EP?
What types of qualifications do you think are essential for this position?
What do you think are the essential tasks for this position to accomplish?]

Action Papers - Requires Vote
Paper A-1 Docket

Paper B-2 Minutes of Nov 16 2019 at Royal Oak, First [55 pages]

Paper B-3 Omnibus Motion

Paper D-1 Cabinet Report

Paper D-2 Search Process for Stated Clerk and Treasurer Report

Paper D-3 Contract Detroit Presbytery Co-Acting Heads of Staff

Paper D-4 Peaceseeker Award Nomination

Paper D-5 North Star Strategies Process

Paper F-1 Nominations Report

Paper O-1 CPM Report
Action Papers Added After Mailing - Requiring Vote
Paper B-1 Stated Clerk's Report-AMENDED

Paper N-1 COM Report

Report of the Ann Arbor, First Administrative Commission as reported to Presbytery 200128

Information Papers - No Vote
Paper C Treasurers Report

Paper C-A Treasurers Supplemental Report

Paper D-A Final Special Task Force 1 Report

Paper D-B Task Force on Supervision, Leadership and Systemic Racism Report

Paper D-C Anti-Racism Training proposal

Paper H-A Trustees Credit Card Policy

Worship Bulletin Installation of Moderator and Vice Moderator

Paper B Some Parliamentary Principles

Paper F Nominations Endorsement Form
Hand-outs/Flyers Available at Meeting